Wiglet | 3 weeks

Stephen and Tamsyn Wiggill’s little boy Dylan (aka Wiglet) was 3 weeks old when we did this shoot. It was in December, so I’m sure he’s changed a lot since then :) As is always the case with baby shoots, it was challenging, but I’m so happy with how the pics came out, so it’s all worth it. And how photogenic is this family? Even the cat is gorgeous :)



  1. Too much of cute….WIGLET! Amazing shots Heathyr- larger than life.

  2. Jacqui Heeks

    Absolutely LOVE the pic of him in Daddy’s guitar case!!

  3. Lee Hitge

    These are amazing!!! WOW! What a cutie!!

  4. Janet Pollack

    Awesome pics! So Beautifully captured!

  5. Melissa Meyer

    He’s such a beautiful little person :) Tam – lovely as always!

    Stunning Heathyr!

  6. Kathryn Jackson

    Absolutely stunning! and I agree, a very photogenic family!

  7. Stunning pics of my sister’s little family! I am a proud Aunty ;)

  8. Ag yera tog! Nunu! ;)

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