Pretorius family | Muizenberg

It’s no secret that I love early morning shoots at Muizenberg beach – there’s something about the beach and the light that is so calm and beautiful in the early morning. The Pretorius family were in CT on holiday and wanted some family photos taken. As usual in CT, the weather was touch and go. It was literally bucketing with rain on the morning of the shoot, but they were leaving the next day, so we had to go ahead. We decided to start a little later and hope that the rain had stopped in time. We got so lucky, as soon as we were ready to shoot the rain stopped and the light was gorgeous.

Isn’t this just the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen? She was so happy on the beach, as soon as her feet hit the ground she ran and she pretty much didn’t stop for most of the shoot. Thanks guys for a lovely morning. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in CT.

























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