Today is Simon’s birthday, and while most of us would take the opportunity to celebrate being year older & hopefully wiser (even if by drowning our sorrows), Simon is slightly different. You see, Simon doesn’t celebrate his birthday. Well, I suppose he does celebrate, but not in the way you or I would. He takes the day off work, switches off his phone and stays as far away from civilization as he possibly can.┬áHe has spoken fondly of his best birthdays ever had spent alone, on his motorbike, driving to nowhere and back. No one to wish him happy birthday. No one to sing to him. Just all by himself.

I am the polar opposite. I start reminding people about my birthday weeks in advance, just to make sure they have enough time to buy me a present. Whenever possible, I plan some kind of birthday get together which inevitably consists of as many people as I can comfortably fit around a table. For me, the more the merrier (presents and people). And if my phone doesn’t ring off the hook I’m seriously disappointed!

When we first started dating I couldn’t make sense of it all. How can someone not want to celebrate their birthday? How can you want to be all alone on the one day of the year when everyone has to be nice to you. I was sure he was joking, it’s just not right!

But he wasn’t, and I’ve grown to accept that he really doesn’t want the phone calls or the parties. He doesn’t want to be around a whole bunch of people. He just wants to be alone. I’ve learned not to try and throw parties in the hope that once he’s there he’ll enjoy it. I’ve learned not to give him the phone when someone tries to be sneaky and phone me so that they can speak to him. I’ve learned that we all have the right to do whatever we want on our birthday – even if that means spending the day at the hardware store, paint store and the South African museum (which by the way, is what we did today).

One thing has changed though. He doesn’t want to spend it completely alone anymore – he chooses to spend it with me. And that makes me feel more special than I can even put into words.

Happy birthday my love. I hope the next year brings you everything you’ve hoped for and more, and I feel so honoured to be able to spend it with you. Thank you for being my everything – I love you more every day!




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